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The Kosher Home: Expanded Edition

The Kosher Home: Expanded Edition

Sephardic Press
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Sitting in the kitchen wondering what to do with the dripping meat spoon you just stirred your coffee with? Or how to really check broccoli for bugs? Or which of the new serving dishes you received as gifts need immersion in the mikveh? Rabbi Michael Haber’s new book, The Kosher Home has the answers to these and many other questions.

The inclusive volume covers koshering appliances large and small, issues that arise in hotel rooms, meat and dairy conundrums, eating food cooked by a non-Jew, and everything in between. Intended for scholars and the uninitiated alike, it includes lengthy footnotes of halachic discussion while still managing to maintain simplicity and clarity for any level. This incredible 800-page tome, a product of painstaking years of work, is a must-have in any Jewish home.

Contains Numerous Additions to the First Edition

Includes over forty appliances and utensils that were not included in the first edition: how to kosher them for Passover, from meat to milk (and vice-versa), & from unkosher to kosher.

Contents Include:

  • Wine of a Non-Jew
  • Checking Foods for Insects: a detailed list
  • Koshering Utensils for Passover: a detailed list
  • Yashan & Hadash
  • Meat & Dairy
  • Infestation in New York City Water
  • Halav Yisrael and Milk of a Non-Jew Koshering Meat
  • Checking Eggs for Blood
  • Halah Removal
  • Dipping Utensils in a Mikveh: a detailed list
  • Foods Cooked by a Non-Jew: a detailed list
.....and much more — over 700 pages!